What’s New

Site Updates

There have been a few changes to The site grew considerably since it opened & it was time do some housecleaning. Hopefully it will be easier to navigate now. At the bottom of each page is a series of links to take you to the other parts of the website. Please report any problems by clicking on the ‘contact’ link at the bottom of the page.

Take a moment to visit the newly-revamped music page. Some new recordings have been posted, including an excerpt from Noctilucence.

For those of you visiting for the first time, most of the music here is available in both OGG Vorbis and mp3 format. In general the OGG clips are longer and of superior quality. If you haven’t switched, you really should. If you require a player for Windows, why not try XM Play? It is a small ( < 300K!) download & works very well. The ever-popular WinAmp is also capable of dealing with OGG.

Events & Project Updates

  • Pat has recently completed his first exercise in musique concret since 1998. An excerpt from Noctilucence will be posted in the next few days. Visit the music page for more music downloads.
  • Revisions to the studio have been completed. Many hours of old analog tape was transferred to computer and a few lost pieces came to light. As they get cleaned up they will be posted on the music page.